Rob Stevens, the Principle and Founder of Positus, is the definition of a busy, driven and successful individual. With so many initiatives and innovations, giving everything the focus it requires to make it happen and get the best possible results is very difficult, if not impossible. In a relationship-driven industry, Rob is consistently looking outwards to his clients and their needs. However, initiatives within the business also needed impetus to support business growth.

Working Together

Marketing Loco work with Positus to provide the planning, process and momentum needed to bring the vision to fruition. There are a number of marketing tasks to complete and stakeholders to manage. From the implementation of an online remarketing campaign to the creation of consistent brand assets to present to potential investors, Marketing Loco keep the business and marketing investment on track allowing Rob and his team to focus on servicing clients and realising growth.

“If you are ‘pedal to the metal’ on the business front like me, you need Isabelle and Marketing Loco. It’s amazing how much value can be left behind without being prompted and held accountable. With so much potential but only a finite amount of resources and time, implementing everything I wanted to for optimum results has until now been challenging. Enter Isabelle…now we have more order and accountability with defined schedules and assigned roles and responsibilities. Importantly this allows more time to be creative, once we’ve achieved the fundamentals that ensure the business keeps growing.”

Rob Stevens, Principle & Founder, Positus (Investment Property Specialists)

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