HealthOne operates within a fast-paced, sales driven environment where the landscape is constantly changing to keep up with client needs. Historically all their new business has come through referrals and there has never been a pressing need to invest in their marketing strategy or planning. Whilst the flow of leads has been steady and growth positive, the business wanted to ensure they were getting more of the right kind of leads and creating the most compelling value perception for the brand.

Working Together

HealthOne engaged Marketing Loco to more effectively manage their digital presence to clearly and consistently communicate their value proposition.  We have been able to contribute considerable expertise in healthcare marketing specifically, to develop a digital strategy and manage its implementation. During the course of their engagement with Marketing Loco, HealthOne have reported a significant improvement in the number and quality of client and staff leads due to their enhanced online profile. Through our work, Marketing Loco have built the perception of HealthOne as experts within their field.

“Isabelle and her team work seamlessly with our business and my staff. She is always on top of the latest digital trends and consistently adds value by recommending strategies and tactics to further improve our service offerings that align to our sales objectives. Isabelle has a solid understanding of our business and is always there to go the extra mile to make my life and my teams’ lives easier whilst achieving tangible, measurable results.”

Tom Crimmins, CEO, HealthOne

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