Australian Blood Management has experienced rapid business growth in a short amount of time. This prompted management to recognise that they needed to align their marketing strategy and planning, with their sales strategy. However, dedicating the time, expertise and focus to developing and implement an effective strategy was proving challenging.

Working Together

Following a referral from one of ABMs suppliers, Marketing Loco quickly stepped in to assess what was needed and put clear, actionable recommendations in place. Everyone in the business is time poor and focused on delivering business results, so the Marketing Loco model of being proactive and autonomous is the perfect approach for ABM. We started by taking stock of what needed to be done and what had already been achieved, created a clear marketing strategy, aligned to the sales strategy, and applied our knowledge and experience to fill the gaps. With a Marketing Implementation Plan in place, in a short space of time we have consolidated their marketing tools with the development of key brand assets and enhanced website content. We’re now driving the implementation of results focused sales materials and initiatives including brochures, video content and events.

“Engaging with Isabelle has made my life much easier almost instantly. Her strategic direction and “just do it” attitude has made a positive impact on my business in only a few months. She drives the process and works seamlessly with my team, with very little involvement from me unless required. Isabelle is also a pleasure to work with and very passionate about delivering results that are aligned to my key business objectives. I look forward to the continued brand growth already evident in our integrated partnership.”

Hayden Dando – Managing Director, Australian Blood Management

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