Digital marketing advice and training that delivers results. 

Digital marketing advice

and training that delivers


Do you need expert advice on the best digital marketing activities for your business that delivers results and is cost-effective?

Isabelle Durkin and her team can give you the knowledge, support and training so you can execute and manage the most suitable marketing efforts for your business. 

Expert digital marketing strategy and advice that is low on fluff and gets results.

We will train you and/or your team
to manage your on-going marketing activities.

Expert digital marketing strategy and advice that is low on fluff and gets results.

We will train you and/or your team
to manage your on-going marketing activities.


You may be an expert in your business. But this doesn’t mean you should automatically be the marketing expert. 

Business owners often ask me the following questions:

  • “How do I get more leads?”
  • “What social media channels should I use for my business?”
  • “Should I advertise on Google?”
  • “How do I effectively network online?”
  • “Does email marketing work?”

With the ever-evolving changes in technology and applications, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest online trends to help you grow your business. This is where we come in. We can give you advice and coaching to help you grow your business effectively and efficiently. 

Book in a free 30min advisory consult nowclick here.



Now is the time to upskill yourself and/or your team so you can manage your marketing activities internally. 

We offer face-to-face or remote training workshops for you and your staff that is customised to your specific needs. This may include topics such as:

  • How to develop your marketing strategy and action plan
  • Social media for beginners
  • Social media for intermediate users
  • How to create blogs and videos to promote your business
  • How to use LinkedIn to generate new leads
  • How to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate sales
  • How to enhance your website to generate sales

Contact us now to discuss training and workshops suitable to meet your needs.

Working with Isabelle and the team at Marketing Loco will have some real benefits for you, your team and your business. We have been working with business owners for years and helping them to achieve their business and marketing objectives through advice, coaching and training. Most importantly, we like to keep it simple and focus on what will have a positive impact quickly.

The impact of great results on your business needs to be felt in the short, medium and long-term. We get things moving immediately and put emphasis on efficiency as well as effect. No one likes waiting, least of all us!



We’re innovators and commit to staying at the forefront of what’s new in marketing automation, social media, audience engagement and business tools. We’ll do the hard work to keep you at the cutting edge, right where your competitors would like to be.

Your time is better spent focusing on the things you should and want to be doing. Don’t suffer from shiny object syndrome by trying to implement every digital marketing campaign. We can identify which activities will make the biggest impact and then train you and your team on how to manage this most effectively to give you more bang for your marketing buck.

As a certified Marketing Trainer, Isabelle will upskill you and your staff, based on your business and individual needs. This can be conducted as face-to-face, online or a blended training approach. We also cater to one-on-one and group training and workshops. 

“We are a medium-sized business with a small team and needed professional advice as to how to tackle social media and web content. Isabelle ran a workshop for us which was very enlightening, breaking down our target groups and exploring ideas for managing Facebook, introducing Instagram into the mix, as well as explaining how LinkedIn could work for us, something we had not considered before. We also utilised her expertise in web content, SEO and blogs which is a new medium we have just delved into and needed guidance on. 
What we appreciated the most about Isabelle and her training was the simple language she used and practical strategies and suggestions to match the resources we had. She kept the team engaged and imparted knowledge and new skills in a short period of time. We have started applying these new skills and now that we have been exposed to the digital marketing potential in our sector and the exciting opportunities available to us, we will definitely be asking Isabelle to come back again.”


Paula Roche, Marketing Manager, Star Club (Out of School Hours & Vacation Care)

“Isabelle and her team work seamlessly with our business and my staff. She is always on top of the latest digital trends and consistently adds value by recommending strategies and tactics to further improve our service offerings that align to our sales objectives. Isabelle has a solid understanding of our business and is always there to go the extra mile to make my life and my teams’ lives easier whilst achieving tangible, measurable results.”


Tom Crimmins, CEO, HealthOne

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